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The photos below are items that had become surplus packaging or excess inventory for various companies. Rather than discard them, McKernan Packaging was able to pay for these items and the cost of freight to move them into the McKernan Warehouse!



These are just a few examples of the types of packaging that we buy from companies that have surplus packaging. We buy a wide variety of packaging ranging from nail polish bottles to gas cans. We repurposed over 400,000 of the lotion pump, over 35,000 of the packer, over 265,000 of the boston round, over 97,500 of the child resistant cap and over 388,000 of the metal closure. That’s over 1 million surplus items being put back into the market!

Let us help you Precycle your unneeded inventory. It’s a smart solution that allows you to recoup some of your initial investment and take back your warehouse space. Call McKernan today at 1-800-SURPLUS (787-7587) and begin your Precycle success story today!

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