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Do you find yourself with surplus packaging sitting in your warehouse, wasting space and money? If so, we have your solution! Precycling with McKernan is an easy and profitable way to move your excess packaging. McKernan will pay you for the packaging as well as pay the freight to move it to our warehouse. Soon you’ll have free warehouse space and extra cash in your pocket!

Many companies have precycling success stories with McKernan. In fact, many companies love our solution so much, they have a regular precycle surplus program. They go to McKernan first when they need to clear space.

Sell Overstock Packaging

The items above represent the diverse, but high-quality, types of packaging McKernan often buys. We were able to buy over 440,000 of the blue plastic bottle, 96,000 of the white plastic bottle, 98,000 of the twist open/close-style dispensing cap and 158,000 of the turret-style dispensing cap. That’s over 792,000 surplus packaging items being put back into the market!

Call us today at 1-800-SURPLUS (1-800-787-7587) and see what we can offer you! The process is fast and easy with the help of our friendly staff. Be the next precycling success story!

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