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Let McKernan Packaging Clearing House help you liquidate your unneeded packaging, while also allowing you to recoup some of your investment. If your organization is like most, at some point, you might find yourself with surplus, obsolete or overstock packaging. You focus is on your business and, often, there is not the time or resources to sell your excess components piece by piece.

There are many reasons why excess inventory happens. Product demand can decline, packaging changes, design changes, or simply the product or packaging has become unneeded. The problem with this excess inventory is that it can reduce profit margins by taking up valuable warehouse space and create extra overhead costs associated with storing and maintaining the obsolete packaging.

So what can be done with this excess packaging inventory? Throwing it away or dumping it in a landfill can be costly and have a negative environmental impact. Plus, the decision to dump the inventory without trying to regain some of your initial investment is a difficult decision to make. Recycling is another option that might recoup some cost, but McKernan typically pays more than recycle value.

The most profitable alternative is to contact McKernan. It’s a hassle-free and secure way to sell your excess inventory. After evaluating your surplus, we are usually able to make a deal within one business day. Plus, we pay shipping and coordinate the transportation. This is a Nationwide program. Let us make you an offer today!
Call: 1-800-SURPLUS (787-7587) or 775-356-6111 and ask for a Surplus Specialist.

Why McKernan?

McKernan Packaging Clearing House has been helping companies, like yours, for over 60 years. This expertise in the packaging industry allows us to guide you through our simple process of converting your surplus, obsolete, and excess packaging into cash. We have a large, friendly staff of Surplus Specialists ready to help you today.

What type of packaging does McKernan buy?

We deal primarily in unused and unbranded closures and containers such as:

Plastic Bottles • Metal Bottles • Glass Bottles • Jars • Candle Glass • Tubes • Aerosol Cans • Caps • Container Lids • Continuous Thread Caps • Dispensing Caps • Metal Caps • Overcaps • Crimp Sprayers • Fine Mist Sprayers • Garden Sprayers • Regular Mist Sprayers • Trigger Sprayers • Lotion Pumps • Treatment Pumps • Foamer Pumps and Bottles • Airless Packaging • Makeup Packaging • Tins and so much more!

While we deal primarily with packaging and promotional items, we are always interested in hearing what you have to sell. So, don’t be afraid to ask.

Let McKernan do the work while you reap the reward!

Major marketers like Procter & Gamble, Revlon & Heinz have found that McKernan Packaging Clearing House is the answer for erasing losses on overstocked or discontinued packaging components. Each year, we move hundreds of millions of surplus, obsolete or excess packaging units creating an efficiency of scale which allows us to pay top dollar for your surplus.

we make it profitable  •  we make it simple  •  we make it fast

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