Do You Have Metal Closures or Aerosol Components to Sell?

Two Success Stories with Overstock Closures and Aerosol

If you have slow-moving or non-performing surplus packaging inventory, McKernan is the solution you  might not have known about.  Instead of scrapping or recycling, McKernan offers an even better alternative.  We’ll buy your surplus!  We buy primarily rigid packaging, such as bottles, jars, closures, sprayers, pumps and much more.  We’ve helped companies across many different industries, including Personal Care, Cosmetics, Food/Beverage, Pet Supplies, Auto, Cleaning/Janitorial and many more!

The photos below show items that had become surplus/excess inventory for various companies.  Rather than discard them, McKernan was able to pay for these items and the cost of freight to move them to the McKernan Warehouse.

Metal caps, like these with a continuous thread finish, were repurposed. We bought over 267,000 of the black metal closures, over 150,000 of the gold metal closures, over 117,000 of the white metal closures.

Overstock Inventory of Metal CapsExcess Metal CapsMetal Caps Surplus Packaging

We buy aerosol too. We purchased over 126,000 of the white aerosol actuators, over 146,000 of white aerosol cans, and over 178,000 of the aerosol valves.

Overstock Aerosol ActuatorSurplus Packaging Aerosol CanExcess Inventory Aerosol Valves

That’s nearly 1 million surplus items! These items represent the diverse, but high-quality, types of packaging McKernan often buys.  Not only have we helped these companies recover warehouse space, but we helped them recoup at least some of their investment, as opposed to paying someone to take these items to a landfill.

This is just one of the many everyday examples of how McKernan Pre-cycles!

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